Read what participants said about past workshops

From Crafting Culinary Stories Siem Reap, June 2016:

“Dave’s photography coaching has improved my photos ten-fold. I have tools to compose photos that I never did before and I’m delighting in my results. Everyone’s generousness with time, information and skill and friendship on this trip was truly joyful and I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world. I am also now way more serious, in a good way, about my writing and confident I will do the work to put myself out there to be the writer I’ve wanted to be since I can remember.”

Angel Latterell, Seattle. Publisher of Paprika Angel. Instagram: @paprikaangel

“All the instructors were generous with their time and totally available…I can’t say how much I appreciate the groundwork and thought that went into the whole workshop and itinerary –thank you both.”

Amanda McInerney, Adelaide Australia. Food and travel blogger at Lambs’ Ears and Honey. Instagram: @lambsears  Facebook: Lambs’ Ears and Honey.

“I came looking for much needed inspiration and refinement of skills and, without a doubt, went home with more than I could have imagined. I really appreciate the substance of the workshop – there was so much valuable information, tips and advice openly shared, rather than just relying on the style of the destination to carry the experience.”

Jennifer Jenner (aka JJ), Sydney Australia. Blogger at 84th&3rd, photographer and food stylist,  recipe developer and ceramicist. Instagram: @84thand3rd  Facebook: 84thand3rd

“Thank you so much for arranging this workshop. I enjoyed all aspects. Amanda Niode, Jakarta Indonesia. Chair, Omar Niode Foundation. Instagram: @omarniode.

From our Food Writing and Photography Workshop in Alacati, Turkey, October 2015:

“Thank you for organizing a lovely, enjoyable and practical workshop.”

“A great opportunity to meet like-minded people and discover the ‘behind the scenes’…. thank you for the feedback, the inspiration, the tips and the learning experience.”

“…a unique combination of writing, photography and food in one workshop. The private coaching sessions were great opportunities… I think it is a brilliant idea to organize a workshop combining several disciplines…”

“The instruction was focused and well-pitched. I loved the photo-sharing night.”

“The instruction was excellent, couldn’t have been better. .. ”

“Welcome dinner set the tone for a warm experience. The visit to the market with instruction by Dave was the best field trip….. The low point was having to leave too soon.”

Read this blog post about our food writing/photography workshop in Turkey by participant Sandrine Orban, publisher of the food blog A Sweet and Inspired Life.